What is vulvovaginitis?

Vulvovaginitis is an inflammation of the vulva and sometimes the vagina. Girls with vulvovaginitis may have itching, redness and tenderness in the genital area. They may sometimes also have discharge from the vagina. This can stain underwear and have a strong smell.


What causes it?

Vulvovaginitis starts when the skin of the vulva or vagina gets irritated. There are many things that can cause this irritation, like:


Why do children get vulvovaginitis?

Young girls have a greater risk for vulvovaginitis because:


How is it treated?

It’s important to keep your child’s genital area clean and dry. You’ll also need to remove any causes of irritation. It can help to:


Can vulvovaginitis come back?

Yes. About half of young girls who get vulvovaginitis will have it more than once. These episodes happen less often as girls get older. Good hygiene and removing irritants will make it less likely that the vulvovaginitis will come back.


Preventing vulvovaginitis

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For girls that have urinary incontinence (can’t control the bladder):